Michael Gidron Speaking Tomorrow on Developing for Android at JaxMUG Meeting

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Michael Gidron will be speaking tomorrow on developing for Android at the JaxMUG meeting. This is part of a series of presentations on going from zero experience to getting your applications onto the app store for that platform. Michael is a former colleague of mine from LPS, and a great engineer. Michael has been developing for mobile since the Palm, and has great insight into developing for mobile platforms.

Android has an interesting SDK. You can build apps for android using the Java language. I am certain Michael will go into detail on the developer experience using the Android SDK.

The JaxMUG meets the forth thursday each month. We are currently meeting at the Jacksonville Southside public library. The meeting will start tomorrow at 6:00 PM. I look forward to seeing everyone there tomorrow.

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You can checkout the details at jaxmug.eventbrite.com and register if 
you'd like to attend.

On a separate note, for those who don't know yet, Jax CodeCamp 2012 
organized by JaxDUG is taking place @ UNF, Oct 6th. You can see current 
talk submissions, vote or propose your own talk at 
jaxcodecamp.uservoice.com ... Also, volunteers are always in demand :) 
You can use jaxcodecamp2012-eorg.eventbrite.com to get in touch with the 
organizers. Feel free to ping me as well with any questions ...


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