Upcoming User Group Meetings: Jax-js and JaxMUG

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I will be speaking tomorrow at the Jax-js group on leveraging JQuery with ASP.NET MVC. The meeting will be at the Hash Rocket offices down at the beach starting at 7:00 PM. 

There is also an upcoming meeting for the JaxMUG next week. 

From Ovi at JaxMUG;

Dec 4th, Last meeting for 2012 - Introduction to MonoTouch by Irv Adams

We will develop a single-screen iPhone app from scratch that does tip (gratuity) calculations. This is an app I wrote and published in the Apple App store. I will show the code that comprises the business logic, which is C# but is compiled on a Mac using MonoTouch. This process converts it to Objective-C. I will also demonstrate Apple's Xcode and Interface Builder and how they interact with MonoTouch. I will talk about some of the steps necessary to get your apps into the app store. 


Irv Adams holds a BA degree in Mathematics. He has twenty-seven years in the IT field, ten as a self-employed consultant and the rest as a client support and internal systems specialist. He has coded in various environments BASIC, C, C++, VB, dBase, Clipper, FoxPro, ASP, WPF, and in the last seven years in .NET/SQL. Most recently he has taken an interest in Mobile apps for phone and tablets. He enjoys writing iPhone apps using MonoTouch by Xamarin 

RSVP @ www.jaxmug.com

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